Thursday, June 30, 2016

Local car dealer doesn't know the meaning of customer service

4/26 - Traverse is seen at Davidson of Rome for problem with air conditioner; unable to find problem, puts in dye.
4/9-Traverse is returned to Davidson; Tech support of GM? or Chevrolet? is contacted and eventually a major part was replaced in the air conditioner. 
5/12- Email is sent at 2:31 saying Traverse is ready. I arrived at Davidson at 2:45 and am told that it will take another hour. Customer service personnel and customer service assistant manager are discourteous to say the least. At 4:15 the Traverse is done. Customer service reiterates twice that the air conditioner may not really be fixed and may need to be fixed.
Female end of seatbelt is not readily seen. Assistant Service manager is rude and condescending as he finds the end. I pull out of Davidson and hears rattling. Upon return home, oil or grease finger and hand prints are discovered on the front and middle row seats. 
5/13- Call is made by My husband to Davidson service voicemail about rattling in morning. Return call is never made. Call is made again by Husband, who is told that call was returned earlier that day. No voicemail or caller id confirms that, proving that customer service representative is prevaricating. 
5/15- We discover that the heater does not work on a 4 hour drive in snowy weather.
5/15- Husband emailed Service Manager JW, who never responded to complaint by any means.
5/20- Husband speaks with Mr. SB, the same assistant who had been less than helpful and more than rude to me. Mr. B promises that our next service call is free (We had purchased the top of the line warranty, so we don't pay much for service anyway) and that he (Mr. B) emailing both of us a timeline of everything done concerning the a/c and heating system. This was never done. Mr. B also stated that the fingerprints were probably on the fabric before the service call, which is not only ridiculous, it is irrelevant because of the purchased warranty. 
5/21- The air conditioner stopped working
5/21-I emailed Mr. W again, no response is ever given. In the email it expressly stated that the front seats and the middle seats needed new covers. 
After internet snooping, I find the Watertown site that has a 'live' complaint line. A telephone call is received by the owners by Jason, who promised satisfaction. At that time it was made perfectly clear that any communication between Davidson of Rome and the owners should be only with my husband
Despite that, I received a voicemail on or about 5/24 from Mr. B and responded with the following email: " Dear Mr. B, Thank you for calling. As I am disinclined to have interaction with anyone from Davidson’s of Rome; and will not do so without my husband being present, any communication you wish to have with me can be done via email."
On 6/27 the Traverse went in to Davidson of Rome. The air conditioner was fixed, but the passenger side middle row seat still had a stain. A visible stain. Mr. W tells Husband that the middle seats means only the middle seat, not the entire row, therefore Husband needs to make an appointment with detailing to get out the stain. Mr JW also stated that he was aware of the emails sent, but offered no reason for never contacting these customers.
Daughter and I find more stains.