Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#WhatAllKidsNeed #CallOutCuomo

Dear Governor Andrew Cuomo,
I couldn't be in Albany today lobbying against your education reforms. Unlike your minions who had coopted the social studies standards to wage war against public schools, using public school money to bus kids to show support for your charter school movement; I spent my day in my classroom. In all fairness, I gave up my lesson plans today too. Instead, I had a guest speaker from the children's wing of a nearby hospital talking to all of my students about their seriously ill teammate. When courageous students asked the question they were all thinking, "is he going to die" I wept. Yep, I cried for him, for them, for innocence, because the answer was "we hope not." I sat through the presentation five times, waiting for that question.dreading that question. And as I type this, the tears are pouring down my face. 
You self serving son of a bitch. Do you really want to know ‪#‎whatallkidsneed‬? They need teachers who weep, they need classmates who leave my room and go to math class asking if they can talk about how to make their friend's difficult journey just a little easier. They need advocates like that math teacher who threw out her lesson to brainstorm ideas. When you have done your level best to dismantle public education and moved on, we teachers will still be standing strong behind and beside our students.
You ignoramus...it has never been about the money.

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