Friday, July 1, 2016

A tale of two local businesses

According to their website, Davidson Chevrolet opened in 1962 in Rome NY.
AmeriCu Federal Credit Union began in 1950 to service Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome NY.
Davidson Chevrolet has grown considerably since its beginning, as has AmeriCu Federal Credit Union.
Last year I had a problem with AmeriCU about a lack of communication to members who had been a part of the credit union for years. At first I spoke with a manager who was condescending, unhelpful, and insisted that AmeriCU was doing everything right and nothing wrong. I disagreed. Being persistent, I continued to work up the chain of command until I was contacted by an Assistant Vice President.  We communicated several times via phone and email, and this VP admitted that things could be done better. I gave her a list of multiple ways to fix the problems as I saw them, and AmeriCU has fixed the issues, they even used some of my ideas!
My issues with Davidson started the day I first contacted them about a 2011 Traverse that was at their Watertown dealership. The salesman, whose name I do not recall, assured us that the vehicle would be brought to Rome. Well, he assured us after I had to show it to him on my phone because he couldn’t find it on his own computer, but I digress. The end result was that he never ordered it to be brought to Rome and we were told that we could take a trip to Watertown to see it. That should have clued me in to this dealership, but it didn’t. Eventually the Traverse was brought to Rome, and we dealt with a superior young salesman, Kyle. He is the only person with whom we have had contact who truly knows the meaning of customer service.  
We have gone up the chain of command at Davidson about the service issues. The assistant service manager does not listen, likes to interrupt, and doesn’t bother to introduce himself. He also promises to send information and confirmations of things he said to my husband, but does not do any of that. The service manager never answered our complaint emails, NEVER reached out to us, and when asked about the issue with the marks on our seat, said we had to make an appointment with the detailing center.  We also contacted Jason, who is somewhere higher on the chain of command. He promised BEFORE THIS LAST SERVICE APPOINTMENT that our problems would be solved, but when I sent him the photo of the marks on the seats, he said he was sorry that the seat appeared to have marks on it. Words matter and the word appears suggests that either we are in error or we are lying. I assure you, we are neither.

AmeriCU made a mistake and rectified it. Davidson made a mistake, and another, and another, and… well you get the idea. 

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