Saturday, July 2, 2016

Odd findings of online reviews of Davidson Chevrolet

Davidson of Rome elicits feedback via email from its customers. They then post the reviews online. Most of the reviews are positive, although that is to be expected really. According to   " Research shows that people are more moved by in-depth reviews that discuss both positive and negative aspects of a brand in detail. Few of us are so motivated by a passing irritation or disappointment that we’d go to the trouble of crafting a good review just to get it off our chests." 

But does Davidson pay attention to their feedback? I submit the answer is yes, and no. 

The reviewer(s) of the comments does look at the stars (5 stars is a good rating, 1 star is a bad rating) but may not be looking at the comments. Read the actual review, and then the business response below. 

Both of the reviews have more than 3 stars, but the actual words are not positive. The business response, though, acts as if the words were positive. 

Another oddity I found was that, although not all business responses referred to the reviewer by name, since 2 May 2016,  TWENTY-SIX positive reviewers of Davidson's service were named in the response (which would make the reviewer feel valued) as well as ONE three-star reviewer. Yes, just THREE negative reviewers were responded to by name since July 2015. Again, there were not as many negative reviews, but it would seem that, if Davidson wants to smooth ruffled feathers, they would reach out more personally to the lackluster or negative reviewers.

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